Walmart - chicken odor? What is up?

I have noticed this as well with the skinless boneless chicken breast I buy to feed my dog. But also it has a strange smell not that it smells bad or rotten or anything like that it just is a weird fatty smell although all the fat has been removed pretty much. My dog ends up with that smell all over his face from eating this chicken which is also kind of Woody. I cover it fully with water put aluminum foil over the top and boil it in the oven at 400° for 2 hours so I know that it's not raw. That helps with getting rid of the Woody texture and it tears apart easily with your hands. But the smell is still there!! Does anyone know what this is about?



Gammy March 10, 2022
Agree with the other replies. Spend a bit more and buy your chicken at the grocery store, and I would look for a branded chicken... Tyson, Perdue. Personally, I like Springer Mountain, but it is a step up in price from these other 2. Also consider buying a whole chicken and cut up yourself. Also READ THE LABELS to see what additives may be in there. Unless you are buying air-chilled ($$), there will be a certain amount of "solution" in with the bird. Usually saline, but can include certain chemical preservatives.
Miss_Karen March 10, 2022
Eew. I would buy chicken someplace else...That's just WRONG.
aargersi March 9, 2022
I suspect that they’re adding … something, saline? Mystery ingredient? I suggest that you buy another brand of chicken or maybe several and cook them exactly the same way in order to compare. Organic chicken is much more spendy but you can definitely also taste the difference. But you can probably find an intermediate quality chicken that will work and not smell or taste weird.
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