How to pound chicken breasts without spatter?

We've been told to treat uncooked meat, especially poultry, like a potential source of pathogens. So how can you pound raw chicken breasts without risking spatter around the kitchen? Thorough cleanup on a weeknight is not my thing,!

  • Posted by: Marcie
  • March 11, 2022


Emma L. March 11, 2022
Hi Marcie! I cover my chicken with parchment. And love Lori's idea of a silicone bag.
Lori T. March 11, 2022
You really should try the reusable silicone baggies for kitchen prep stuff. I flatten chicken breasts in them, crush crackers, not to mention marinade and sous vide in the same bag. Squish mix meatloaf. I've not bought plastic baggies in ages, and I don't regret it at all.
Lori T. March 11, 2022
If you don't want to use plastic wrap, you can also use a large ziplock bag. You also don't need to use a mallet, and can use a rolling pin or skillet to do the job. I actually use a silicone bag to hold meat I am flattening. The bags wash up easily, and some brands can go in the dishwasher. Mine don't, but washup is pretty easy actually. And if all else fails, my mother - many moons ago, used to use waxed paper.
702551 March 11, 2022
Between two sheets of plastic film.
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