dutch processed cocoa powder

I'm making a chocolate frosting that calls for dutch processed cocoa powder (which whole foods doesn't seem to carry). I know in cakes, substituting regular cocoa powder would change things, but does anyone know whether it should make a difference in frosting, given that there are no leaveners involved? Has anyone ever done the cocoa powder + baking powder substitution?

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • April 24, 2011


ATG117 April 24, 2011
Thanks all! Sort of suspected as much, but great to now proceed without concern. And I didn't realize the valrhona was dutch processeses. I may just pick it up.
Soozll April 24, 2011
Whole Foods sells Valrhona cocoa which is Dutch Processed. In frosting it wouldn't matter if it's dutched or not.
boulangere April 24, 2011
No, you're fine. "Dutched" and "natural" have consequences with leavening in baking. As long as you're not baking your icing, you'll be safe.
sarah K. April 24, 2011
From what I understand, using non-Dutched cocoa would alter the flavor slightly, but maybe not significantly for your target audience. Dutching lowers the acidity of cocoa, and thus tempers bitterness. I would guess it just depends on you, and how perceptive you are to the nuances of chocolate flavor. For myself, I'm not sure I would detect a difference, and indeed, I have used non-Duched cocoa for frosting, and liked it just fine. Just like with wine... I can tell if it's red or white, but beyond that, I'm just not experienced enough to detect other subtle notes. How many of us are that adept with chocolate?

(*realizing that the readers of this here blog could very well be exactly the sort of people who relish those fine nuances that I'm immune to, and hanging head in shame*)
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