Can you use Yeast instead of baking powder?

My Mum bought yeast by accident but seems to think it's baking powder. I want to make a microwave mug cake but i'm not sure if it's safe. The other ingredients are banana (mashed instead of egg as I can't have egg. trust me, it works though), cocoa powder, sugar and water.



Evan March 1, 2017
If you have baking soda plus some cream of tartar or a small amount of acid (vinegar, lemon juice) you can create a makeshift baking powder. Just make sure to look up instructions online for how much to substitute since it isn't 1-to-1 and will depend on how much your recipe calls for.
PieceOfLayerCake March 1, 2017
Yeast and baking powder have completely different functions when it comes to leavening. Unfortunately, they aren't directly commutable. My only other idea is whipping the eggs, but your recipe doesn't include them. I'd run to the store for some baking powder.
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