Can the olives be substituted or left out?

Not an olive fan, but this recipe sounds delicious! If they’re a non-negotiable I’ll keep them in, but I was wondering if there were any other suggestions

  • Posted by: whym
  • March 19, 2022


Nancy March 19, 2022
Another idea - use a vegetable pickle (giardiniara, radish, onion, sauerkraut or kimchi) to give the dish umami and sour tastes similar to what the olives would have given.

drbabs March 19, 2022
My husband doesn't eat olives or capers (Or mayonnaise for that matter, but he wouldn't recognize it here) or feta cheese or parmesan cheese, so i'd probably leave the olives out altogether.
AntoniaJames March 19, 2022
WHYM, capers would be a lovely substitute for olives, if you like them I'd try to find something briny like that to use here, as I think it would overall improve the dish. You do have the whole lemon vinaigrette, so you might not miss that briny element too much. I for one would probably toss some good feta, crumbled a bit, into the pasta, passing on the parmesan or pecorino that would otherwise be showered on before serving. ;o)
702551 March 19, 2022
The olives are just a condiment for the pasta. Leaving them out won't damage the structure of the cooked orzo.

In fact, you could entirely leave out the pasta part and just eat the meatballs by themselves or with a different starch.
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