Olive all'Ascolana delicious but very salty. Was I supposed to use fresh olives or rinse the ones from the jar?

  • Posted by: Aida E
  • January 10, 2012


jmburns January 10, 2012
I have never seen fresh olives. Low salt olives taste like pencil erasers (yes, I have eaten one in grade school). I think you should look at a different brand with maybe a little less saltyness.
Amanda H. January 10, 2012
You should be able to use ones from a jar, but wondering if the kind you used were particularly salty. We've made this recipe many times, and have noticed the saltiness does vary depending on the olive. Not to sound unhelpful, because I'm sorry this batch wasn't a success, but maybe you can find a less salty olive to use next time. Thanks for letting us know.
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