Can the measurements be given in grams/ounces? I would really like to make this, please!

Could the brands of items used for less commonly used items? The results, I think, will be heavily dependent on the brands of items used since every brand could have different ingredients, such as syrup, juice, sugar, etc. for the canned lychees.

  • Posted by: Suni
  • April 11, 2022


GML April 11, 2022
Hi Suny, The lychees are drained, chopped and then cooked in raspberries & sugar, so it doesn't really matter if they're canned in syrup or water. You can even use fresh lychees (if you have the patience to peel and pit them....which I don't). There are a few brands of food-grade rose water. I've used both Al Wadi and Cortas.
Suni April 12, 2022
Thank you for your reply! What about the pistachio flour/paste? They're very different - flour is dry, and paste is wet. Does the paste contain sugar? I see several recipes on how to make the paste online, some with sugar and some without.
GML April 12, 2022
The easiest is to buy pistachio flour online. However, I've made the pistachio flour from scratch by mortar/pestling pistachios into a rough flour (stop grinding right before it turns into paste). However, the test kitchen tried it with paste (no sugar) and also with pistachios finely-blitzed in a food processor...all methods work well! I've also made it with both raw & roasted pistachios (preference for raw).
Suni April 12, 2022
Thank you again! I’ll attempt to make this for my birthday. 😊
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