Multiplying the recipe for 15 people

Hi ! I’m having 15 people over for Passover. Should I triple the recipe?



Nancy April 11, 2022
If you know your eaters and the soup is a small-portion appetizer, you could make do with only a double batch.
But to be on the safe side, make a triple batch to allow for normal or generous servings.
Any extra can be served for family meals later in the week.
Or saved (matzo balls and soup kept in separate containers) in the fridge or freezer.
Nancy April 12, 2022
Another way to think about this.
Buy ingredients for all three batches, but make only two batches at first.
Rather than relying on the recipe estimate of serving size (so often it's bigger or smaller than each of us needs), measure out the broth after it has cooled.
If not enough volume for your 15 at table, make the third batch of soup.
If yes enough, don't make the last batch of soup.
Rather, save the chicken and vegetables for a family dinner later that week.
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