Is the Aarke Carbonator Pro any good?

A link[1] is below. Is the Aarke just a 'prettier' SodaStream or actually better? I'm thinking about gifting to someone, but only if it's at least as good/better than Sodastream. It's gotta be pretty to stay out and be used.

Does the glass bottle do anything to help? Or is it just 'greener' and more 'elegant' than plastic?

How would it compare to SodaStream's top-of-the-line model[2]?

Is it still just better all-around to use a DIY setup like this from PopSci[3]? (CO2 tank+regulator+sodabottle)

Any guidance appreciated -- Thanks!


  • Posted by: adamlaz
  • April 13, 2022


Jada W. April 15, 2022
That's a great question, Adam!

I love both SodaStream and Aarke, but if I were to gift a soda machine, I’d go with the Aarke. The two machines work practically the same way, but the SodaStream needs batteries or to be plugged-in (depending on the model) and your giftee might not have a convenient outlet for the machine or any spare batteries on hand. The Aarke is also much sleeker and display-worthy, even if you were comparing it to SodaStream’s top-of-the-line model. It’s also probably not something your loved ones would splurge on themselves, which makes it an especially great gift.

I haven’t found a difference in the glass or BPA-free plastic bottles, but if you’d prefer the safety of plastic, we sell the Aarke Carbonator III (the Pro uses glass bottles). It’s also less expensive than the Pro, if budget is a concern.

And while I love a good DIY, it looks like the upfront cost of the materials can be almost as expensive as the Aarke, so that wouldn’t be my choice.
adamlaz April 18, 2022
Thanks Jada! Aarke it is 😎
laila April 18, 2022
I switched from Soda Stream - the model that didn't require batteries or being plugged in (and I used glass bottles). The only reason I changed to aarke was esthetics. And I bought 2. I was not aware of a Pro version of Aarke, nor a glass bottle option. However the aarke bottles are always coming apart. And after a year of use the Aarke machines are both not working well. I wish I knew what to do to troubleshoot; will have to contact Aarke
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