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It never fails. I see a recipe I’m interested, I click on the link, and I’m taken to the top of a page. After scrolling through a really long article, I finally find the link to the actual recipe. Maybe. I’d like to see a button at the top of the page, near the title, that says something like “I don’t feel like reading this, just take me to the damn recipe”. I’m just not interested in reading about the inspiration, I just want to explore the recipe, or just start cooking.

Kevin Bilbro


Smaug March 27, 2019
There was a rather extended discussion of this recently- some people like the extensive articles (aka "headnotes"), some don't, but they're a fact of life on F52 and much of the internet. Most agreed that skipping them isn't that much trouble, though some did advocate a top of the page link, and there seems little reason that it couldn't be done. On the plus side, pages don't jump around (or disappear) while you're reading them to make way for ads.
Kevin B. March 27, 2019
So, yes or no to a button?
Smaug March 27, 2019
Like most of the participants of this feature, I don't work for Food52, though it's possible that someone with some say will see your comment- they have been doing a lot of overhauls to the site protocols of late.
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