Tough and Tasteless Easter Lamb/not Lamb?

So I roasted what I believed was a leg of lamb.Slow roast, Greek seasoning , Pomegranate wet rub. I ordered a 4lb boneless..I received a 9lb boneless! I cooked the same delicious way I have for years to render a tasty, tender roast. But this time, it was tough and tasteless. I tried everything to break it down more seasoning ,more time in oven,Finally, I put it in my Crockpot Express(instapot) which pulverizes the toughest meat and still...tough, tasteless. Lamb is tasty, to the point of gamey and not tough!!
What kind of meat did they give me (Publix)?



Nancy April 19, 2022
Greywolf379 - the results sound terrible. The store sold you more than twice what you ordered, probably cost a fair amount, and when cooked by an experienced cook with a tried and true recipe, results were inedible!
I can't guess the type of meat they sold you.
But with a similar experience, I would report it to the store and hope for some redress from them.
Greywolf379 April 19, 2022
Thank you for your agreement. The store has some ''splaining" to do!👍🏼
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