greek pasta with ground lamb and mushrooms



healthierkitchen June 3, 2013
This pastitsio is delicious:
amysarah June 3, 2013
A classic greek Pastitsio is pasta baked with a sauce of ground lamb, various spices (cinnamon, allspice, oregano, etc.), tomatoes and a thick layer of cheesy bechamel baked on top. Not traditional, but I can't see why you couldn't saute some sliced mushrooms in with the onions/garlic, etc. when you make the sauce.
Mr_Vittles June 2, 2013
Heat a Large Saute Pan on Medium-High 2 min; 2T Olive Oil, 1/2C small Dice onion & 1 1/2C medium diced Mushrooms, saute 5 min; Add 1 lb minced lamb, brown off, 5-7 minutes; Add 2 cloves Garlic, minced; saute 1 minute; add 1T Anchovy paste & 1T Tomato paste; saute 1 minute; 1/4C White wine; Adjust heat to high; Reduce 1 minute; Cook preferred pasta 2 minutes short of directions; Add to sauce; toss; Add the zest and juice of half a Lemon & 2T roughly chopped Mint; toss again to coat; Taste for Salt and Pepper, Add accordingly; Plate; Garnish with a little more Mint leaves, Olive oil & grated Myzithra Cheese. Done.
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