Has anyone tried this with white fish?

Not a fan of salmon. Would this enhance white fish?

m morgan


702551 April 27, 2022
Nowhere in the recipe does it refer to trout. That said, it should work fine with either red-fleshed or white-fleshed trout.

The recipe headnote cites two alternatives: sea bream and cod. There's a third suggestion in the ingredient list: striped bass. All three are white-fleshed fish.

My guess is that the shiitake treatment will work in general with most white-fleshed fish. It would be easy enough to experiment since you are simply grating dried shiitake mushrooms with a rasp grater. Just grate some shiitake on one filet (or even just part of one) and leave the rest plain.

This is basically a condiment variation on the classic "shioyaki" technique of roasting salmon Japanese style.
Nancy April 26, 2022
The recipe itself suggests two alternatives.
More: trout, char.
m M. April 27, 2022
Thank you so much for your reply. Char is a red fish and trout can be either red or white — if I had to guess the recipe likely is referring to red trout. Was wondering if the shiitake would enhance a fish like cod or maki.
Nancy April 27, 2022
M Morgan - OK, my error, char is out of your group of possible replacement.
On the shitake question...I would say it's a matter of personal taste.
If you're not sure, go with your previous experience or try a small portion with shitake.
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