Getting the right consistency for icing

I have made this cake twice with excellent results - however, the icing is much thicker than what is shown in the photos. I've used Fage Greek full fat yogurt and followed the directions exactly. Curious as to how Yasmin got that soft, almost runny consistency, which I think looks wonderful. Attached is a photo of my second cake.

Fran Johns
Citrus Cake From Yasmin Khan
Recipe question for: Citrus Cake From Yasmin Khan


drbabs May 4, 2022
I’ve made this, and did not refrigerate the icing (as boulangere suggested below), and my icing was also thick and not runny. That said, it iced the cake beautifully, and I ended up icing the full cake. I was thinking that if I wanted it runnier, I’d probably use regular yogurt and not Greek.
Fran J. May 4, 2022
Thanks. I did not refrigerate either. Great cake, though.
drbabs May 4, 2022
Yes, I thought so, too
boulangere May 3, 2022
I have two thoughts. First, starting with both the cream cheese and yogurt at room temperature with yield a softer icing. Second, I’d skip the refrigeration step before icing the cake. Whenever I make cream cheese icing, I ice the cake straight from the mixing bowl.
Fran J. May 4, 2022
Yes, I skipped refrigeration, too. As you say, no big deal. It was delicious - and maybe not Greek yogurt. But a wonderful cake nonetheless.
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