Can this recipe be made Gluten Free?

I would like to make this Gluten Free. I have ordered Cup4Cup GF flour as this is what the author recommends in her latest cookbook for GF recipes. Should I adjust any other ingredients or just replace the AP flour with the GF flour?

Milk & Cookies Tart
Recipe question for: Milk & Cookies Tart


AntoniaJames May 17, 2022
Replacing with all-purpose flour with Cup4Cup certainly is necessary to make the Milk and Cookies Tart gluten free, but itself requires no other adjustments - the beauty of Cup4Cup, or King Arthur Baking's Measure for Measure, if that's what you're using.

You'll also need to purchase gluten-free mini-chocolate chip cookies for the topping.

If gluten cross-contamination is an issue, you should get some gluten-free chocolate as well for the crust. I know that Boulder's excellent Chocolove brand comes in several varieties that are labelled "Gluten Free." I'm guessing that there are other brands out there that do the same. Have fun! ;o)
Lincoln21 May 18, 2022
Great Thank You!
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