Dinnerware - Everyday durable + Light?

I’m looking for a dinnerware set that will last. I don’t want something that shows fork/knife marks, is fragile, too light or too heavy. Must be dishwasher and microwave safe of course. I’ve thought that a matte stoneware or speckled finish might be best. Any recommendations?



Jada W. July 14, 2022
I'm also a fan of Corelle, as well as this Casafina ceramic dinnerware set. It's durable, hefty but not too heavy, doesn't show marks, and safe for the microwave and dishwasher. The sleek shapes are also easy to mix in with your existing pieces. https://food52.com/shop/products/7049-modern-pacifica-dinnerware
Stephanie G. June 9, 2022
702551 June 9, 2022
I'm also a Corelle owner. Some of my pieces have celebrated their 30th birthday.

I can't even remember if I've broken anything: the most durable dinnerware I've ever owned.

These day the Corelle is mostly used as kitchen tools, for food prep, etc. I am currently using IKEA 365 dinnerware on a daily basis (this set is probably close to 15 years old).

Due to its slim design, Corelle stacks more compactly than probably any other non-disposable set. When I want real plates to bring on a picnic, I grab the Corelle.
Gammy June 9, 2022
One name that immediately comes to mind is Corningware's Corelle line. Durable, lightweight, many patterns, matching serving ware, DW and microwave safe. And although beautiful, stoneware and ceramic can chip and may not be microwaveable. Most dinnerware will show wear after a number of years. Also consider dinner plate size and weight... we have some simple plates from Pottery Barn we bought to fill in a set of antique Vietri dishes. They work OK, but are very large and incredibly heavy. Hope you find exactly what will work for you.
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HalfPint June 9, 2022
I love Corelle, made from glass. Corelle also has stoneware. They have a variety of beautiful patterns for both types. The glass stuff is microwave- and dishwasher- safe too. And it's really hard to chip the Corelle glass dinnerware.
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