Substitute Blueberries for Peaches??

Would it be possible to make this a blueberry cobbler? What amount of blueberries would you use? Would that alter any other ingredients? Thank you!! Trying this out because Elin Hildebrand posted and it looked so good!!



702551 July 11, 2022
Go to the recipe page and search for "berr" using your web browser's built-in search function (control F on Windows machines, command F on Macs).

You will quickly find a review (dated April 21, 2020) from community member Lori who helpfully posted detailed notes on her substitution with blueberries.

There may be other testimonies but I'll leave it up to you to search the rest of the reviews.

Best of luck.
LYDIADAVISON1990 July 15, 2022
Hey!! Thank you so much for your reply, I’ve tried searching this several times and cannot locate this particular variation. Would you be able to link it?
drbabs July 15, 2022
LoriApril 21, 2020
I usually do not gravitate toward cobbler anything but I was feeling like a fruity dessert after eating a whole pie plate of apple crisp a couple weeks back (yikes!)

Made this 2 days ago but used blueberries instead of peaches, but will definitely try it when they are in season. :) I only had 18 oz. of blueberries so the recipe was cut in half. Followed most of the recipe & instructions with these modifications:

In a 8x8 glass pan, Macerated 18 oz blueberries with the lemon zest, lemon juice of a small lemon plus added 1 T. of maple syrup for about an hour. Just before topping it with the dough, added 1 T. of tapioca flour to reduce the juicy/runniness. (I like a tighter sauce, but not as thick as pie)

Made 1/2 of the dough recipe AND also cut the sugar by 1/3 (100 gm in dough, 33 g sprinkled on top). Also added 1/2 tsp vanilla (I love vanilla)

It was perfect. Served w/ vanilla ice cream & topped with whipped cream. The juice is so delicious it could be used the next day on top of yogurt, oatmeal etc. The sugary crunchy crust reminded me of the Hostess fruit pies. The best is sneaking a spoonful straight out of the fridge!

I could only share photos of the finished product w/ friends and family and almost everyone requested the recipe. THANK YOU! “
LYDIADAVISON1990 July 17, 2022
Thank you SO much Lori!!
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