Grilling Lobster Tails indoors

I would like to grill lobster tails but do not have access to an outdoor grill. I have a panini grill and a stovetop grill pan. Can I use one of these in place of the outdoor grill? The stove top grill would be on an electric stove top to make it more interesting.

Lucia from Madison
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1 Comment

Gammy July 22, 2022
I have BROILED lobster tails in the oven with good success: Heat the broiler. I slit the tail down the backside and pull the meat upward from the shell, but try not to detach. I then fold/crunch the shell back under the meat. I baste with melted butter (with or without fresh lemon juice ) and sprinkle a little paprika on top for color. Broil until the lobster meat is opaque.
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