Didn’t use enough water when soaking chickpeas, some were uncovered, are they still usable?

I set some chickpeas out to soak last night and thought for sure I’d covered them with enough water. However, this morning they had plumped up past the water line. As far as food safety goes, are these still ok to cook with?

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1 Comment

Nancy July 25, 2022
To the best of my knowledge, what you suggest will be ok.
Just a home cook, so take this note with a grain of salt. If you get better info that contradicts this, go with it. However:
1) I have done the same, found some beans (chickpeas/garbanzos or other) stranded above the water line after overnight soaking, added more water, soaked, cooked, eaten and people had no problems in digestion.
2) Checked food safety articles about garbanzos and/or soaking and found no reports of problems from soaking in two stages.
3) So go ahead with your plan, but avoid it in future. Dried beans double in size, so include water at 2:1 volume (or more) to dried beans.
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