Meringue weeping and now shrinking

This is the last pie I am ever going to bake. I have always had trouble with meringue weeping. I read no weep, no shrink meringue recipes and tried 3. I never had trouble with shrinking until I tried the no weep, no shrink meringues... they shrunk and it looked like I had a river flowing in the pie. I literally took a turkey baster and drew out over a cup and there was more. I tried today and it's trying to pull from the sides and I know when I cut a piece I am going to have a pie pan full of liquid again. Any help to fix it or go prevent it from happening? I have tried everything I can find, including a lot of things that made NO sense so I am open for any suggestions.

  • Posted by: Mugsy
  • August 25, 2022
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1 Comment

Lori T. August 27, 2022
I hear and feel you. I'm not a big fan of meringue myself, but the rest of the family is- so, yeah. It's just a fiddly creature, if you ask me. However, a few things I've learned that has helped. Use the finest grain sugar you can, the baking or sanding sort, or whirl your regular stuff in a food processor so it's near powder. Use a pinch of cream of tartar to help stabilize things, and make the whites whip faster. Don't make it on a humid or rainy day if you can avoid it. If you can't, make a swiss style meringue which uses hot sugar syrup. That cooks the meringue in the making too, so it doesn't "have" to be baked. You can broil it to brown the top. And finally, be sure to anchor that meringue to the pie crust by spreading it over the edges of the crust, not just to the bare edge. Check your oven temp as well, to make sure it's not a Goldilocks oven- too hot or too cold. Meringue needs to start setting pretty quickly in the heat, so not only should it go on a hot filling, but into a hot oven to set fast. Meringue is also just best the day it is made, and should not be put in a fridge. The fridge will make about any meringue weep and shrink. If the pie isn't eaten the day, then I generally just remove the rest of the meringue before I store it away.
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