when do I make the apple pie?

I have never made pie before and I've decided that I need to make apple pie for thanksgiving. So when do i make it? i know I can do the dough before hand, but do i roll it out and add the filling and bake after the turkey? that sounds like hell in the kitchen. or can i assemble the whole pie and leave in the fridge until ready to make or does everything get gross and soggy? or do i make/bake the pie in the am and let it hang out until 6pm dinner time? HELP!

  • Posted by: Tashie
  • November 16, 2011


luvcookbooks November 17, 2011
best for the dinner
interested in seeing if warming the pie beforehand gives the same great smell that a baking pie does
Tashie November 16, 2011
thank you so much for answering! i guess it makes sense, the pies at the store aren't made the day of! i am totally going to do this on wed.
sdebrango November 16, 2011
Best of luck Tashie and Happy Thanksgiving and I know your pie and meal will be great!
Greenstuff November 16, 2011
Lots and lots of Thanksgiving cook make their pies the day before.
Tashie November 16, 2011
what do you mean by make it the night before? do you bake it the night before? or just make the dough the day before? am i crazy to decide to do this at thanksgiving?
sdebrango November 16, 2011
I agree with Greenstuff, I make all my pies the night before. If you want to serve warm just put in warm oven while you are eating and it will be perfect when dinner done.
sdebrango November 16, 2011
I make loads of pies for Thanksgiving, you will be fine. You will do what you are comfortable with but I make the pie the night before, keep in a cool place covered with parchment and its great for T-day. Its not crazy at all to want to make an apple pie for Thanksgiving.. T-day is such a busy cooking day and the oven is occupied most if not all of the day its good to know your pie is done so you can concentrate on the meal at hand. I try to do as much as possible the day before to relieve some of the stress that day.
em-i-lis November 16, 2011
I actually think many pies (and definitely cakes) are better the next day. An apple pie made 24 hours in advance will definitely still be delicious!
luvcookbooks November 16, 2011
you can make the dough the night before and leave it in the frig
once the turkey is in the oven, roll out the dough, add the filling, construct the pie
put in frig
when turkey emerges, brush with an egg and cream wash and bake
everyone will be happy even though it is a lot of work
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