Boiled eggs in InstaPot not cooked completely

Help! I was boiling eggs in the InstaPot, for deviled eggs. I did the first dozen, they turned out fine, as usual. I put a second dozen in, using the same water, didn’t add any. The eggs came out in cooked. Can I put them back in, and cook another couple minutes, or do I need to throw them out? TIA



HalfPint September 7, 2022
Could you clarify how the cooking method? Are you boiling the eggs or are you steaming them under pressure?

If you are boiling without closing the lid and not bringing the pot to pressure, especially if using cold eggs from the fridge: you might have needed to boil longer for the heat to penetrate the interior and hard cook the eggs.
Ronhostetler1952 September 3, 2022
I meant to say the second batch came out not cooked, even though they’d gone the same amount of time as usual.
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