Has anyone grilled these delicious ribs?

Would love to prepare these for a backyard party and wondering if I can finish the coating off on a charcoal grill or if anyone has done it to great/similar results?

  • Posted by: eluu
  • September 10, 2022


thirschfeld September 20, 2022
Yes you can cook them on the grill. They are delicious that way. Just keep a close eye on them because with all the sugar in the marinade they can burn very quickly
702551 September 11, 2022
This recipe has nearly 130 reviews/comments and there's probably someone who noted that they did this over the grill.

While I have never made this particular dish, I have made many similar preparations over 30+ years of grilling. In fact, I made something like this yesterday.

The key to prevent burning on a grill is to use indirect heat.

Monitor closely and adjust grill temperature as necessary to control browning. You can transfer this to the hotter grates (over the flames) for a short time to expedite some char but don't walk away from the grill.

Every BBQ grill is different (whether it be gas, charcoal or wood fired) so use your best judgment based on previous experience with your unit.

Best of luck.
eluu September 12, 2022
Thank you! I tried looking at most of the reviews, but couldn't find anything though if I didn't have two under two, I'd probably search a little harder. Figured I would get a great answer like this! I'm not a grill-er, neither is my husband, so this is great advice for us. I'll test it out.
702551 September 12, 2022
Good God, I don't expect anyone to dive into reading all 128 reviews. That's heinously inefficient.

Go to the recipe, scroll down and click on "View More Reviews" which will expand all 128 comments. Next use your web browser's built-in search function (Ctrl-F on Windows PC, Command-F on Macs) and search for "grill", "bbq", and "barbe".

Doing this immediately shows a comment from Ian C. (dated May 1, 2015) that attests to a successful finish on the grill unsurprisingly. He did not provide any details on his methodology although I would not be surprised if he also used indirect grilling to accomplish this.
KLS September 11, 2022
It will flame and burn
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