I do not own a working food processor? Can I use a blender? Just by hand?

I am not an experienced baker or dessert maker. If I did by hand, what would the mixture look like when I know it is ready? Thanks!

Susan Soroka
Apple Crisp
Recipe question for: Apple Crisp


creamtea October 11, 2022
You can do this by hand. For the almonds, I might try using ground almonds (not almond flour). A little less than called for in the recipe. Cube and chill the butter, toss with the flour and other dry ingredients except the oats and almond meal. Using your thumb and fingers, squeeze the butter cubes into flakes, coated with the flour until integrated (roughly pea-sized crumbs). You can also use a pastry cutter for this if you have one. Toss in the oats and almond meal with a fork or your hands, and use to top the apple mixture per the recipe.
Susan S. October 11, 2022
Thank you, creamtea. When I try this recipe I will let you and Nancy know how it has turned out.
Nancy October 9, 2022
I would either chop the almonds alone in blender or by hand, or buy cut up.
Then mix the other ingredients in a bowl by hand or hand mixer.
If you do that in blender, it will be thick and hard to get out.
Don’t worry about texture - it’s uneven and ok that way.
Susan S. October 9, 2022
Many thanks! I do have a hand mixer but think I will try just by hand first! Greatly appreciate your help with your answer!
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