cleaning tri-ply pots after cooking chicken or beans

I have had a really difficult time cleaning my tri-ply pots after poaching/boiling chicken or beans. I try to skim off the scum while cooking, but invariably some remains on the pot afterwards, and no amount of scrubbing with Scotch-Brite/O-Cedar Scrunge sponges and dishwash soap can get my pots absolutely clean. The only thing that works is using Barkeepers Friend. Does anyone have any recommendations? It's almost as if the protein from the chicken or beans bonds to the metal. Thanks!



Melusine October 20, 2022
If you're the kind of person that doesn't mind pots in the sink overnight, a long soak in soapy water helps. I'm that kind of person. My husband is not, so he uses steel wool when necessary.
702551 October 11, 2022
I use a stainless steel scour pad and Barkeepers Friend.
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