What the difference in design/function between a stock pot and dutch oven?

I need a large pot I can use for cooking but also for boiling large amount of water for cleaning. I boil water and use it to mop floors, clean the bathroom and other things.

thank you!

  • Posted by: Pilar
  • September 18, 2019


PHIL September 24, 2019
Dutch oven takes longer to heat up also.
Gammy September 18, 2019
As mentioned below, a stainless steel stock pot will be less expensive than a dutch oven and it won't take as long to boil, but maybe most importantly it will be considerable lighter in weight especially once filled with water. Plus you will not have to be as careful cleaning it as any enameled dutch oven. I have 20 and 24 quart stock pots, that if they were enamel, I would be struggling to carry them empty.
Happygoin September 18, 2019
Generally, a stock pot will be deeper with straight sides. A Dutch oven has shorter sides and may have slightly flared sides, although not always. For simply boiling water, I think I’d use a stainless steel stock pot rather than a Dutch oven, especially an enameled one. Im thinking it will be less expensive, and it won’t take as long to boil.
Pilar September 18, 2019
I should have mentioned I need something that will withstand frequent use to boil water without damaging the pot over time. I'm considering either an all clad dutch oven or a staub dutch oven (which looks like s stock pot to me).
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