Make up a pitcher? What booze to add for the alcoholics ;)?

I can’t wait to try this for Thanksgiving. For those who are wanting alcohol, what would compliment it? Do you think this could work if I made up a pitcher and served over ice? I’m trying to figure out how people could easily serve themselves. Thanks in advance!

Jenna M.
  • Posted by: Jenna M.
  • November 20, 2022
Seedlip's Stewart Howard
Recipe question for: Seedlip's Stewart Howard


Amanda H. November 20, 2022
A pitcher of this would be great, and you could add vodka or gin. Also serving over ice sounds like a good plan. Enjoy!
Jenna M. November 22, 2022
Thanks so much, Amanda! Sorry for my delay in reply! Excited to have a yummy mocktail (& cocktail) to try this Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful holiday!
Amanda H. November 23, 2022
Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving too!
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