Kitchenaid 600 Pro Mixer high pitched noise

I’m now on my second mixer— the first one made screaming noises when being used. This one has a pretty high pitched noise also, and that’s without anything in the bowl. Is this normal? Kitchenaid was wonderful about replacing the first mixer under warranty, but I’m wondering if this one is defective, too.

  • Posted by: drbabs
  • November 21, 2022


mountainpoppy May 19, 2023
There's no "unbiased" way for me to say this. I own three KitchenAid mixers and have used several others. Only one of these makes a loud, screaming noise, and it hasn't improved or calmed down or settled in the 5 years I've owned it. The one that makes the terrible noises was made in Mexico and even looks slightly different in some small construction details than the others which were made in the USA. I bought the "problem child" at a big box store for a slightly lower price than I might have found it at a home store, but it was the color I'd been looking for so I went for it. Not my best choice in the world.
HalfPint November 21, 2022
There's a TikToker, @mr..mixer, who might be able to help you troubleshoot that annoying sound. He even has a YouTube channel (search "Mr. Mixer Kitchenaid). I had him do a total maintenance and regrease (on the gears) on my Kitchen (16 yo Artisan series) this summer. My KA is much quieter and will actual stir at a low speed now (there's a way to adjust the speed on your mixer, did you know that?). He even changed the somewhat melted cord too.

Anyhoo, having watched many of his TT videos, it might be a problem with the gears grinding and possibly, the drive shaft is not centered.

Even Mr. Mixer has said that KA mixers today are not built as well as the much older models. Having seen all things that have been changed over the years, I'm inclined to believe him. Disclaimer: I do not know this man nor do I have any stake in his business.
drbabs November 21, 2022
Thanks, HalfPint! But the mixer is brand new! I’ll take a look at his videos. Thanks.
Lori T. November 21, 2022
Kitchen Aid stand mixers do sound kind of like aircraft taking off, due to the motor design. But it shouldn't sound like a high pitch squeal by any means. Usually that means your gears need grease. If anyone you know owns one, or there is a kind kitchen supply shop near you that wouldn't mind doing a demo- you could hear and compare the sounds. I've had mine going on 20 years now, and the only thing it has needed is a new cord attached.
drbabs November 21, 2022
Thanks. This one definitely is not as bad as the first one was. But I haven’t tried making bagels with it yet.
Nancy November 21, 2022
Machines making screeching sounds certainly don’t sound normal or good.
A quick look at google and you tube only found reports of a balance/levelling problem being common.
What I would want to find out - if it were my machine - is whether the sounds are temporary/the result of usage/fixable or permanent/part of this machine/not fixable? And maybe unsafe to use.
What news or opinions from customer service?
drbabs November 21, 2022
Thanks, Nancy. The first one was definitely screechy and they replaced it. This one is more of a high pitched motor noise. I sat on hold for over an hour waiting for customer service to pick up after I had the problem with the first one, so I’m trying to find out if this is within normal before I sit on hold again.
Amanda H. November 21, 2022
My Kitchenaid is pretty loud/whiny! I do think they tend to be. Any way you could call their customer care and turn it on for them to hear? My guess is that you can't be the first person who has reached out to them about this! Might be worth a try.
drbabs November 21, 2022
Thank so much for replying, Amanda. Yes, I may have to do that but I was on hold for over an hour last time, so I’m trying to avoid it. Sigh.
nfbohn January 21, 2023
I am having the same problem with my new mixer. Did you ever talk to customer service? Is it normal?
drbabs January 21, 2023
I did, and it’s not normal. The mixer was under warranty, so Kitchenaid replaced it. Th new one is very loud, but not as high pitched. That’s supposedly normal. Also, you’re not supposed to go above a speed of 2 when mixing heavy dough like bread dough. I guess these big ones are just noisy.
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