FASCinating: Soaking Chickpeas

At first I thought I was going nuts but no, that wasn't what was happening (besides, I'd already gone nuts a long time ago...) The dried chickpeas (the rust colored ones that look slightly shriveled, not the more common beige ones) soaking in a stainless bowl of warm water- are making NOISES!! Consistent noises, one every ~10-20 seconds. Like a little pebble faintly hitting on metal. I see no evidence of movement but i'm guessing there must be movement associated with the sound, but deep beyond sight in the bed of legumes. Have you experienced this?
Crazy, man, Crazy!!

LeBec Fin


LeBec F. January 15, 2016
so this officially confirms that i'm not crazy (at least about this) but i'm still unsure why they make this noice. Call in Marilyn!
amysarah January 15, 2016
I love the image of talking beans (imagining an animation!) But this triggered a memory from ages ago: "Mexican Jumping Beans." You'd hold them for a couple of minutes in your hand and they'd kind of move, I guess from the warmth (?) Maybe in a bowl, they'd ping against the side? I have no idea what type of beans they were, but if memory serves, they were brown and round-ish. Not to gross you out, but it was because they had some kind of tiny larva inside, twitching. Ew. Very exciting to a 7 year old, but maybe not so much to eat - I hope this isn't related, but just in case...
Greenstuff January 15, 2016
Mexican jumping beans move around because there's a larval moth inside. Last time I had some, they hatched!
Susan W. January 15, 2016
I remember those Mexican jumping beans. I loved them as a kid...until my Dad told me why they moved. It skeeved me out big time.
amysarah January 15, 2016
Yes, the larva! Totally skeevy. My older brother - of course - informed me of this, ruining Mexican Jumping Beans for me forever. But, if I recall correctly, they looked somewhat like brown chickpeas...
Susan W. January 15, 2016
That's hilarious. I'm definitely going to listen next time. In fact, I'm going to walk across the street right now and buy some Rancho Gordo beans.
702551 January 15, 2016
It doesn't sound like you've noticed this but if you soak beans they will increase in size. Thus, they move.

Maybe you should just pour yourself another glass of wine? ;-)

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LeBec F. January 15, 2016
while i know snark is just in your nature, more to the point is- have you heard your soaking legumes make noises?
Greenstuff January 15, 2016
Some people think this phenomenon is interesting enough to post Youtube video. Just google it!
702551 January 15, 2016
I used to hear it occasionally but it's been a while. I don't soak my beans before cooking anymore.

There are other things that make noise in the kitchen too. I guess it's just an awareness level thing.

My place is often rather quiet so I can hear a lot of things that probably get covered by the cacophony of normal American living in a typical household setting.

It also helps that I am single and live by myself.
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