Added too little butter to my cake recipe

OMG! I just put Deb Perlman’s Almost Mom’s Apple Cake in the oven only to realize I used 1 stick of butter when the recipe called for 1 CUP meted butter. Will I need to make the cake all over again??

  • Posted by: ChefGam
  • November 23, 2022


ChefGam November 23, 2022
Great suggestion. Thank so much!
Nancy November 23, 2022
ChefGam - happy to see/hear your cake baked up structurally even with less butter.
But if in serving you find if a bit dry or less rich in taste, consider serving it with something like whipped cream, ice cream, or a butter frosting to restore the balance of ingredients.
ChefGam November 23, 2022
It looks perfectly moist and a lot fewer calories. Baking time was 60 minutes as compared to original 70 minutes in Deb’s recipe. This may become my new recipe.
Erin A. November 23, 2022
Happy to hear it worked out!
ChefGam November 23, 2022
Thanks for your support.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Erin A. November 24, 2022
Looks delicious :) Happy Thanksgiving!
ChefGam November 23, 2022
We’ll, the cake is out of the oven and I have my fingers crossed. It rose reasonably well and feels springy to the touch. I also added all the juice collected in the bowl when I diced the apples. I’m hopeful but won’t know for sure until I take it out of the pan.
Erin A. November 23, 2022
Oh no! I have absolutely done this before. Since the cake's already in the oven, I'd wait and see how it turns out (you never know). Less butter means it might be a little dry and crumbly, but maybe the moisture of the apples will compensate. I hope it works out!
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