How to reorder ingredients in a new recipe

I am doing as told, draging the handles on the left to reorder ingredients, but it does not work

  • Posted by: nogaga
  • April 30, 2011


Kristen M. May 2, 2011
We just tested this out on a PC, in both Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox, and it worked okay. The only thing we can think of is that your security settings might be set really high so that javascript is disabled.

2 options: You can look around in your Privacy settings and try to enable javascript. OR, if you're using IE, you can try downloading Firefox -- it's a great, dependable browser (and it's free):
Kristen M. April 30, 2011
I'm guessing you're using Internet Explorer then? I'll pass this along to our tech team to look into. Thanks for letting us know!
nogaga April 30, 2011
Hi Kristen, thanks for your help. I'm on a PC. They don't move at all.
Kristen M. April 30, 2011
Sorry about that! Which internet browser and operating system (Mac/PC) are you using?

And what exactly is happening? Are you unable to move them at all, do they move but not stay, etc. Thanks!
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