Which pantry items should I always have stocked?

Whenever I go to try a new recipe I find that I never have a lot of the ingredients. What ingredients are essential in a pantry/ I should always keep stocked to avoid this issue?

  • Posted by: hp2018
  • April 12, 2020


Gammy April 13, 2020
I feel your pain! Even celebrity cooks who post lists of "basic pantry supplies" can't all agree beyond sugar, salt and pepper it seems. I agree with Nancy on focusing on a particular cuisine and learn its taste profile before trying something completely different. Keep in mind that many times there are substitutions that can closely mimic a missing ingredient. You can always research a specific ingredient online before starting, to see what you may already have on-hand in your pantry.
hp2018 April 18, 2020
That’s a good idea actually! Thank you!
Nancy April 12, 2020
If you want to be prepared with pantry supplies for most possible new recipes, you might have to shop a very big list.
One way I get around the problem is to concentrate for a while on learning recipes from only one or two cuisines, so it's easier to keep key ingredients in stock AND use them up relatively quickly.
Then, a few months later, move on to another cuisine and another set if key pantry staples.
Nancy April 13, 2020
If you DON'T want to follow a single cuisine and focus on its ingredients mostly, and DO want a more general list for stocking pantry, try one of these lists from reliable sources - food network, allrecipes, minimalist baker:
hp2018 April 18, 2020
This is such a good idea- I’d never thought of it like this! Thank you!
hp2018 April 18, 2020
This is super useful- thank you!!
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