Are the chocolate chips melted?

The description has fudginess coming from the melted chocolate chips but the ingredients just says 1 cup chocolate chips folded in with the coconut and pecans.

  • Posted by: Pear
  • December 3, 2022


Nancy December 4, 2022
If the filling were only a chilled one, I might melt the chocolate chips.
But as the filling is baked, the chips will melt and mix during the baking.
Pear December 4, 2022
Thanks for replying. Did you make the pie? Chocolate chips don't melt in cookies so I'm not understanding how they would melt here once the pie is cooled.
Nancy December 5, 2022
Pear -
No, I haven't made this pie recipe. I was extrapolating from general knowledge.
If you want to be sure, melt the the chips before mixing in.
Background -
Yes, choc chips DON'T melt in cookies usually baked at 350F.
However, choc chips DO melt in either the microwave or in a double-boiler, so I thought they might if baked at the 425F of this pie.
Jessie S. December 6, 2022
hi pear. the chips get melty - though they are not baked at 425, they are baked at 350. are you asking because you are concerned the pie will not taste chocolate-y enough for you? there is also cocoa powder in the recipe . . . which contributes to the chocolate flavor and the sweetened condensed milk also contributes to the fudginess of the texture. hope this helps.
Jessie S. December 6, 2022
chips don't melt completely in cookies but they are in a dough. in the pie filling the chips are in a hot mixture of sweetened condensed milk, etc. and so it is a different baking environment than a cookie . . .
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