What desserts go well with lasagne?

Help! Having a dinner party with 11 tomorrow night. Lasagne, homemade bread, meatballs, caesar salad on the menu. With such a heavy, dairy rich meal, what desserts would you serve afterwards? Thanks!

Jennifer W


Windischgirl December 6, 2022
You could keep it simple and serve affogato: a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of espresso (and a shot of grappa if you dare). Serve some nice bakery biscotti on the side and you’re all set!
HalfPint December 6, 2022
For dessert, I would serve cookies with coffee or tea. Or citrus olive oil cake. The Splendid Table has good recipe.
Stephanie G. December 4, 2022
I like tiramisu, a butterscotch pudding, or an almond flour or olive oil cake.
Nancy December 4, 2022
In Italy, often the only dessert served is fresh fruit - which is always an option.
Other choices - poached fruit, coffee served with brandy, chestnut purée with whipped cream (monte bianco).
Jennifer W. December 4, 2022
Thanks for the reply as usual Nancy!:) Valid point and although Id appreciate keeping to an authentic theme, we have a bunch of sweet tooths in this group and I know fruit would be disappointing them lol
Jennifer W. December 4, 2022
I am quite intrigued by the monte bianco suggestion though... never heard of it!
Nancy December 4, 2022
Italian version of French dessert Mont Blanc, named after the Alps mountain nearby,the dessert is made to look like. Chestnuts in season, cooked, puréed, sugared (good for your sweet tooth people), seasoned with some vanilla, topped with whipped cream and dusted with cocoa or espresso.
What’s not to like?
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