How long does homemade caesar dressing last in the fridge?



pierino April 4, 2013
I agree with above advice except that I would say a true caesar dressing lasts about five minutes. Just long enough for you to make it if you are doing it right.
Elizabeth R. April 4, 2013
I agree with Sara. I worked in a (reputable) restaurant as well and we made our own caesar as well. We didn't make huge batches, but about enough to last 2-3 days, so I think you'll be okay.
boulangere April 3, 2013
I agree with Sarah. And most states require pasteurized yolks and forbid raw ones for anything on sale to the public, which extends your refrigerated shelf life to easily 5-7 days.
Reiney April 3, 2013
Strictly speaking, egg yolks deteriorate very quickly and to be the most safe, yes, day of is best. Well, OK, to be the most safe, you wouldn't eat a raw egg yolk at all.

But I worked in a (reputable, well-run, clean) restaurant that would hold its caesar dressing for a couple of days. The dressing included not only yolks, but also fish sauce (instead of anchovies - slightly cheaper and very effective FWIW). So I think you can push it out to ~3-4 days with minimal risk.
susan G. April 3, 2013
Classic Caesar salads are made tableside with great flair, as Sam says. If you want a dressing that keeps, it wouldn't be the same dressing.
Sam1148 April 3, 2013
With raw eggs and anchovies? I'd only give that a day.
If you used oil instead of egg yokes--a few days.
It's best made on demand in a big bowl and then add the salad greens.
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