Gluten free challah sugar substitute

I can not have processed sugar and am wondering if I can use honey instead? Thank you

  • Posted by: Rose
  • December 15, 2022
Braided Challah
Recipe question for: Braided Challah


Nancy December 15, 2022
Depends on the reason you can’t have processed sugar.
Maybe first consult your medical professional on your ability to tolerate honey.
Then, if yes, consult a site like this one for advice likely results from modifying a recipe.
Rose December 16, 2022
I can have honey,just asking if honey would work in this challah recipe on place of the sugar
Nancy December 16, 2022
Rose, ok good to know.
Yes, there are (existing) recipes which use honey. For ex:
Also, honey can be used to replace sugar at a ratio of 2/3 compared to original volume.,water%20in%20the%20honey%20too.
So, either modify the recipe you like and/or try a new one with honey already factored in.
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