Can you veganize this recipe?

Wondering if you might think a vegan egg or flax seed egg might work for this recipe?

Braided Challah
Recipe question for: Braided Challah


tali November 23, 2021
Would another dairy-free milk substitute work instead of oat milk? Almond milk or something else?
Aran G. November 8, 2021
Yes! You can use aquafaba for the eggs. 3 tbs aquafaba equal 1 egg. I've tried it and works well!
drbabs November 8, 2021
Here’s a recipe that uses the liquid from canned cannellini beans in place of the eggs.
Nancy November 7, 2021
There's already a suggestion of oat milk for dairy milk.
For the 3 eggs in the dough, use pureed soft tofu (used in baking cakes and breads for years when I was a vegetarian).
For a vegan replacement for the egg wash, see heart of a baker site for suggestions or just omit that step.
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