Zwilling coffee maker suddenly stopped brewing

I love the coffee this electric drip maker brews, but suddenly it stopped working. It's less than a year old and hardly used as it's in our second home, what happened? Can I get a replacement?

  • Posted by: Joni
  • December 20, 2022
  • 1 Comment

1 Comment

vonnsky December 28, 2022
Hey Joni, did you check to see if it was clogged in any way? Descaling coffee makers is really crucial, especially if you have hard water. Just brew a pot using a 50/50 ratio of water to white vinegar (just the big plastic bottles of cheap stuff will do), don't add any coffee to the basket, just run this mixture through, and hopefully that does the trick! If it does, make sure to run through a few more cycles of just fresh water to clean out the vinegar smell. If that doesn't help, it may be a pump issue.
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