cold brew coffee

i love cold brewed coffee -- does anyone have a suggestion of how to make it at home? i have both a chemex and french press to work with....

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sabh March 9, 2011
i like to use my french press to make it. just add 3 parts water to 1 part coffee grinds into the pot, mix, let sit for 12 hours or so, and plunge! i then pour into a jar and keep it in my fridge for weeks (if it lasts that long)!
ellenl March 9, 2011
I read somewhere something similar to the smittenkitchen way---mix the desired amount of coffee and water; leave out at room temerature for 12 hours or in refrigerator for 24. I've been doing this ever since reading about it and I, too, love it.
Soozll March 9, 2011
Here's a recipe that Smitten Kitchen adapted from the NY Times recipe. It's a condensed cold brew that can be doctored up any way you see fit by just adding more water to making it into a dessert coffee. It's so handy.
Kristen M. March 9, 2011
The Magical Coffee that's auto-suggested above is a great recipe for cold brewing, with a couple clever spicing suggestions. Here's the direct link:
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