Pulled chicken featured in podcast

Roast 300 degrees… then what? Listened to this week’s podcast re the chicken with lemon inside and pull it off the bone, but how do you serve it? What does it go with? Making it for special dinner tonight as it sounded delish, but no idea what would best go with it;)! Thank you!!

  • Posted by: adry0105
  • December 24, 2022


Nancy December 24, 2022
If it’s not too late to help…
Most pulled meat is served with a bbq sauce. Have a quick look for “side dishes for bbq chicken” and/or use what you have on hand.
Like these dishes:
• a starch (potato, pasta, cornbread or country-style bread to mop up the sauce)
• a dish of cooked greens
• a cole slaw or lettuce salad

adry0105 December 24, 2022
Thank you for your reply, Nancy. I got some fabulous crusty bread at Whole Foods. I’m making risotto with lots of veggies- not sure that goes, but oh well;) I should have thought of cole slaw!! Thanks again for the suggestions!
Nancy December 24, 2022
I’m sure the crusty bread, risotto and vegetables will all work together 😁🎄Happy Christmas!
adry0105 December 25, 2022
Update and success- the chicken was very moist- it too a long time and was worth it. I did add bbq sauce (Teague) and we made sandwiches. I almost forgot about the skin, but did add it at the end and that was amazing! Thanks, Kristen for this recipe:)! Happy holidays!
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