Does anyone know how to thicken this up so it is not so runny?

I have made this recipe many times and I love it. But it is runny and therefore needs to be served in it’s own ramiken rather than on the plate bleeding into the other food. Is there a way to thicken this up?

  • Posted by: Lynn
  • December 26, 2022


Miss_Karen December 28, 2022
Heat the mixture in a saucepan until the liquid is almost evaporated. When sugar is heated it turns to a liquid. So, by heating the entire mixture should thicken it sufficiently. Since as the sugar cools, it will stiffen up -(think jam/jelly) You could slso puree some of the mixture (before heating it.)
HalfPint December 27, 2022
Try thickening with chia seeds
702551 December 26, 2022
One option would be to add some gelatin. Another possibility is to cook half of the cranberries which have a considerable amount of natural pectin.

I would be less inclined to alter the ingredient ratios as a starting point.

Best of luck.
Nancy December 26, 2022
I would play around with the tangerine, sugar and/or marmalade amounts as all contribute to or form liquid.
Maybe cut amounts of each in half.
Or elimate the sugar, as the tangerine and marmalade give flavor.
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