Help I need ideas for no bake after school snacks. Anyone?

I’m interviewing for an after school program. Obviously no peanut butter.

Christina DeLouise


PHIL January 14, 2023
make sushi rolls (maki) but fill with ham or other protein cubed
PHIL January 14, 2023
charcuterie bites ( elevated lunchables) cracker or baguette / cheese / jam / slice of pear of apple / protein of some kind, ham , turkey. FYI trader joes has these frozen mini baguettes you an use.
Nancy January 8, 2023
Good luck!
For sweet -
* no bake cakes made with cookies and cream,
* no bake cheesecake
* fruit salad or fruit compote.
For savory -
* any combination of bread and topping that the school can afford and that don't trip the wires of common allergies. Avocado toast, deli meat and mustard, already made (or reheated in the oven) falafel mini sandwich, etc.
* dishes designed to use up leftovers and save money, while giving the children nutritions snacks. For example, bread salad (panzanella), pasta salad.
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