Peanut butter baked goods or chocolates

I'm looking to bake something for a family friend who is an extremely picky eater but who loves peanut butter. What are your favorite peanut buttery cookies, cakes or chocolates. I was thinking of making peanut butter and jelly bars, which I adore. But I've made them a few times and like trying new recipes whenever I have the opportunity.

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • February 25, 2012


ATG117 February 26, 2012
Thanks, all. MIranda, the PB cookies look perfect. Going to forge ahead with those.
Brain H. February 25, 2012
I make these peanut butter bars all winter for snacks and lunch boxes. There are lots of variations: use different types of cereal, add chopped dried figs and crystallized ginger, or add nuts. They are also yummy made with almond butter. I like them best made with store bought granola and topped with semisweet chocolate. Here's the link:
Grace's S. February 25, 2012
Just remembered a roundup post that Lauren from Keep It Sweet did on Peanut Butter treats that may be of interest to you. There are quite a few options to choose from, here is the link -
Grace's S. February 25, 2012
I just made some Peanut Butter Mousse treats. The recipe is quick and easy and I showed three ways to plate it up, here is the link if you're interested in taking a look - I've attached an image for the mini cakes version.
Miranda R. February 25, 2012
i adore these peanut butter cookies :
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