I have a kitchen utensil which I don’t know what’s for. It has a big metal loop and a plastic handle

I have a kitchen utensil and I don’t know what it is for. It has a big metal loop and a plastic handle, can you help?

  • Posted by: Mike
  • January 16, 2023


Lori T. January 17, 2023
I believe what you have there is the handle for a Thai coffee/tea strainer with a removable bag. They sell them on Amazon for around 10 bucks. I got a similar one in Korea, ages ago- used to strain soups, tea, etc. The bags will either zip on or go on with a velcro or pull tie system. You take them off to wash.
Mike January 17, 2023
Thank you!
Nancy January 16, 2023
Maybe send your inquiry to one or two guys who test kitchen gadgets. They have seen, used and or designed hundreds.
Barry Lewis - a British self educated home cook on YouTube, instagrams, etc.
Gadget designed at Epicurious- sorry forget his name. he’s in videos on their youtube channel, or you could try their website.
Nancy January 16, 2023
Gadget designer and tester.
Mike January 16, 2023
Good idea, thanks Nancy!
SillyBee January 16, 2023
I agree that something is supposed to go inside...like it's meant to help lift something hot like a bowl out of boiling water. But who knows. I suggest posting this picture on Reddit's subreddit Whatisthisthing. You'll probably get an id within the day!
Mike January 16, 2023
Thanks for advice! I'll do it!
SillyBee January 17, 2023
If you find out, let us know because I'm curious too!!
Mike January 18, 2023
Will do!
702551 January 16, 2023
Beat me but now that a photo has been posted, it's clearly not a pastry cutter.

The tool might be incomplete in its current state. I suspect something is meant to fit inside the circular part of the loop.

I will bow out of this discussion. With the photograph now hopefully posted someone else can pick up here.

Best of luck.
Mike January 16, 2023
Thanks so much! I thought so too, I'll need to search and find what will fit inside it.
Thanks again!
Mike January 16, 2023
Photo of utensil attached
702551 January 16, 2023
Pity no photograph was shared.

I'll take a wild guess and say it's a pastry cutter/dough blender.
Mike January 16, 2023
Thanks! Picture attached
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