Planning a kitchen remodeling...any thoughts on steam ovens?

I'm an on again off again bread baker. Should I go for the big bucks?



bugbitten December 1, 2011
Cool video! The music was a little triumphal, perhaps, and I was sorry they didn't tell you what happened to the turkey at the end. Really, I'm just wondering if a steam oven is one more piece of technology that I don't need.
Sam1148 December 1, 2011
Probably unless you have bucks to spend. I find them attractive, but I don't think they're 'there yet' for home cooks, maybe in a few years we'll see more options for the home.

bugbitten December 1, 2011
The Gaggenau in that link is the type I'm thinking of. Sadly, it only goes up to 450, which seems strange.
Sam1148 December 1, 2011
Oh, I did not know the temp rang on that.

if you google combi ovens. I think Rational and Hobert make some lower end models...still very pricey tho.
Whirlpool on a quick youtube search has one too for the home cook.
Sam1148 December 1, 2011
If you have big bucks. A Combi Oven would be nice. Very Commercial type product.
But they are starting to enter the home cook market.
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