I need the nutrition facts!

Hi! I was just wondering if I could have the nutrition facts (if there is any) for this recipe, I would like to make it for some people but it needs to fit into certain guidelines in terms of nutrition.

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1 Comment

702551 January 26, 2023
The vast majority of recipes on this site are submitted by community members and have no nutritional information. You will need to plug in the ingredients into a nutrition calculator tool to obtain that information (which is what the recipe author would have had to do themselves if they wanted to).

There are many such tools around the Internet however I cannot offer any recommendations since I do not use them. Use your favorite search engine to locate and bookmark them. After all you'll probably want to keep them handy for other recipes you encounter (both online and in print) that lack nutritional information.

These days there are some sites that allow you to enter a URL and the tool will parse through the recipe and spit out the nutritional information. Based on my own experience with text tools (like translation sites) and voice-to-text transcription features, I would hesitate to blindly trust the accuracy of this type of data processing.

Best of luck.
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