Amaretto anyone? Have you tried adding that?

Have you ever tried adding amaretto? If so, how much?! I am thinking this could be perfect!

Moist and Light Yellow Cake
Recipe question for: Moist and Light Yellow Cake


sdebrango February 6, 2023
Hi, no I haven’t but I think it would be delicious!! I would replace the vanilla extract with amaretto (or maybe half amaretto, half vanilla) and if you have vanilla powder add that as well. I agree adding the amaretto would be perfect!!
Lori T. February 6, 2023
I have not used it in the cake batter itself, but I did use some to make a syrup to drizzle over the finished cake. Like most of the commenters, I find the cake to be a tad on the dry side unless you up the oil a bit. It was luscious with a syrup drizzle though. I split and filled it with canned peaches, and my family ate it all down the the crumbs.
sdebrango February 6, 2023
Yes Lori I always make a soaking syrup unless I am using fresh fruit like strawberries as a filling (that adds enough moisture. This cake is made for a good soak with a flavored syrup.
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