Can you do a copycat recipe for Wendy's and Jack in the box french fries?



Nancy March 13, 2023
Both recipes are out there - Wendy's as written, Jack in the Box as video.
1381020Rj March 13, 2023
Can you send me the links please?
Nancy March 13, 2023
Dear 1381020Rj -
Searching is a good skill for a home cook to know.
For this time, here are links:
- Nancy
1381020Rj March 13, 2023
The only recipe I see for the Wendy's french fries is from the YouTube link lead me to the jack in the box curly fries. There has to be a recipe for jack in the box regular french fries. I've combed over Google for the copycat jack in the box regular french fries but found zulch. That's why I turned to this site for help.
Nancy March 13, 2023
I also only found the curly version.
Nancy March 13, 2023
Good luck with your search.
Last ideas
1) sometimes there are sites that have lots of fast food copy cat recipes but aren't searchable by brand.
2) what other (if any) French Fries have you eaten that resemble Jack in the Box?
1381020Rj March 13, 2023
1.) Ok
2.) No
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