Cardamom Seeds Bruised? Or jus just by bruise pods?

Hi do you need to bruise seeds or just the pods? I have seeds and the directions say bruise seeds but was not sure ! Thank you

  • Posted by: Jenna
  • March 27, 2023


Jenna March 27, 2023
Thank you so much for your fast reply! I have the seeds (the small black ones) I don’t have a mortar pestle (I know I know I need one) can I just crush with flat edge of knife you think?

702551 March 27, 2023
Stick the little black seeds in a small ziplock bag and whack them with the bottom of a skillet or small saucepan.

You can use the same technique for a variety of hard seeds and spices.
Nancy March 27, 2023
Agree with 702551 suggestions.
In addition - you could use a rolling pin or wine bottle on the black seeds in a bag.
Or, coarsely grind some in a blender or coffee mill. For the latter two machines, you may need to do more volume than you need for this recipe to engage the blades. If so, put extra in a glass jar and use up within six to eight months.
702551 March 27, 2023
The black cardamom seeds (about the size of a rice grain) are inside the green pods (about the size of an almond). You need the former: crush those so they are like coarsely ground black pepper. That’s what you need for this cake. I find that a mortar and pestle does an ideal job.

If you bake this cake regularly you can buy decorticated cardamom seeds (i.e., already removed from the green pod).

Wonderful cake.
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