Someone dropped my LeCrueset cast iron skillet and chipped the enamel off

Can this be repaired or is it a total loss and should be discarded?

  • Posted by: Cat
  • April 13, 2023


702551 April 15, 2023
Shame no photo was shared.

Anyhow if the damage is to the exterior then it is just cosmetic assuming heat transfer isn't affected.

The piece is still functional if the interior is intact.
Happygoin April 13, 2023
People who own Le Creuset may not realize it, but the company provides a lifetime guarantee on their pans. Google it up. There are instructions for how to get it fixed.
Cat April 15, 2023
Thank you for the tip. I have sent in a query, but since this was not due to normal wear I suspect I am out of luck. Not sure if it is worth the cost to repair, if it can be repaired, or if I should just replace. Concern that continuing to use is not a good idea so hope they can advise. Interior is okay - outside looks awful.
Happygoin April 15, 2023
Ah. Well, hopefully they'll be able to tell you it's not a total loss.

Good luck!
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